Sunday Creative Expression 2


What do you love to do? What do you like to do? What do you kinda sorta maybe okay might...yes, that's too many words. What do you like and love to do?

Sometimes, we have a lot on our minds. Like a lot. Like a whole big chunk of lots and then we simply don't take the time for ourselves to switch gears, quiet our minds, and allow other thoughts to come in. Maybe thoughts about what we love or like. Maybe even who we love or like. 

One of the reasons creativity and expression be can of benefit is not just because it's a distraction but because it can free the mind, allowing more purposeful thoughts to come in. For some of us it can be something we find we are good at. At the end of the expressive process, there are tangible results. Results that can help to move us forward in our courageous steps.

Hey, I'm good at this. Hey, I feel better. Hmm, now what else can I try that I wasn't so sure about? 

Thoughts, issues and concerns that circle in the mind take up a lot of space and energy. This is energy that can be used to move forward creativity and creative options. Options are choices. Perhaps a topic for a later time. 

Some of you may not wish to pick up a pen, brush or crayon. Some may not want to type or journal. But, some may just want to stack dishes nice and neatly. If that's you, at the end, admire your creative expression. Sit back and enjoy the rest of your day. 

In Love and Expression,


Song: Free Your Mind by En Vogue

Mood: Strong sleepy dancing

Special: Sleep. Woke up great. Groovy meditations this week. 

Thanx: To RG for the lovely feedback. 

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