Put One Foot In Front of the Other

Good Morning.

For a while now I've being humming, "put one foot in front of the other." 

It sorta became the theme song for this blog, at least for the beginning of it. I saw many courageous people, mostly woman, taking steps forward. Taking chances. Moving outside their comfort zone. Taking one step at a time.

But really, just taking that first step. 

This video is not the scene I remember from my childhood but a spirited updated version.


Enjoy you. Enjoy others. Enjoy your weekend. Smile and be courageous in your truth. 

In Love and Footsteps,


Thanx: To all the kind souls out there who continue to put forth love, caring, compassion and guidance. The world needs you. Appreciates you.

Song: Good Morning Starshine from Hair

Vibe: Mellow but a little anxious and sleepy. Sleepy week. 

Special: I believe that at the heart of our nature lies good, lies feel good. Step towards your truth. Step towards your light. 

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