Softly Through Courage

Courage need not be in the form of a big dive off a cliff. Sometimes, it's a soft, sweet, gentle glide forward with slow and gentle steps. Sure footing...cautiously, optimistically. Slowly, softy, surely taking steps forward, solid in your conviction, and confidently in the direction of your courage. 

Sometimes courage comes from a very small space inside you, a little voice that hints and teases and sometimes eggs you on. Sometimes, you just take one small step, one easy kind gentle step. You try. You see how it feels. And then you take another and another and another. 

Sometimes courage can be sweet or delicate or nice. No...really? Yes, I think it can. It's not all bravado and ruggedness. 

Eye contact at the store when you usually avert gazes or hold your head down.

Reaching out to shake someone's hand. 

Hugging someone.

Smiling at someone. 

These small acts can serve to lift you outside of your comfort zone. Slowly, sweetly and gently. Courage isn't this big public dance on a stage in front of millions. Sometimes it's just a step forward, gently and sweetly. 

In Love and Sweetness, 


Song: Sleep Like a Child by Joss Stone

Mood: Surreal

Special: Full Moon

Thanx: MG for her support. Keep your 'eye' on the prize

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Do You Dare To Dream

Love this video about comfort zones. 

This is about moving forward, taking chances and addressing fears. 


In Love and Comfort,


Music: Got to Give It Up by Marvin Gaye

Mood: Nicely elated

Thanx: NC for painting movement 

Special: Lots of fun number coincidences lately. 

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Oops...another late entry. 

But I Don't Want To

Or, oh crap this posted while I was just playing around with it. Oh well. Double crap...the other post I was working on disappeared. Oh well...chuckling. Back to this post. 

Okay, this is a favorite of mine. Nope...Nah...Don't feel like it...Don't make me. 

Sometimes, the courageous step is doing something we don't want to. But when is the best time to do that? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Probably, not ever. 

Sometimes pushing through challenge and discomfort frees us from entanglements

But, I don't wanna...

Don't make me...

Please no no no no...

Um...lemme try...

Wait, not now...

I'll just watch. You do it.

I'll watch.

Okay, I'm ready to try now.

No, not ready yet. 

Oh, I did it. 


Okay, what now?

What's next?

I did it. 

Oh crap. I did it.

Where are my excuses and fears and concerns and worries? Crap. Now, I can't find them. I know I set them somewhere. Did I pack them?

Oh, okay back to I did it. I didn't want to but I did. 


In Love and What the...oh well,



Music: The Power by SNAP!

Mood: Calm strong. Finally awake. And now even. 

Special: I feel like whatever it was...passed. Feel finally awake

Thanx: To SSM for that lovely surprise. So Starry. 

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Musing...The other I was working on, that was entitled Element of Choice, disappeared on me. I wonder what that was about. Wonder if I'll recreate it for next week. Hmmm. Love this image up there. Sorta like Escher. 


Put One Foot In Front of the Other

Good Morning.

For a while now I've being humming, "put one foot in front of the other." 

It sorta became the theme song for this blog, at least for the beginning of it. I saw many courageous people, mostly woman, taking steps forward. Taking chances. Moving outside their comfort zone. Taking one step at a time.

But really, just taking that first step. 

This video is not the scene I remember from my childhood but a spirited updated version.


Enjoy you. Enjoy others. Enjoy your weekend. Smile and be courageous in your truth. 

In Love and Footsteps,


Thanx: To all the kind souls out there who continue to put forth love, caring, compassion and guidance. The world needs you. Appreciates you.

Song: Good Morning Starshine from Hair

Vibe: Mellow but a little anxious and sleepy. Sleepy week. 

Special: I believe that at the heart of our nature lies good, lies feel good. Step towards your truth. Step towards your light. 

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Musing: Okay...diggin' today's tag cloud. We'll keep ya. 

Perhaps Shy

I might be shy. You might be shy. Or, we may not be. But, sometimes shy or bashful or quiet or introverted or awkward or unsure or confused or overwhelmed or a whole host of other labels can put us in a space of reservation.

A sort of holding space until we are ready to advance. 

Sometimes it's a stuck place or an immobilized space or a weird space or a yucky space that we don't want to be in but we won't leave. We know it. It knows us. Keeps us safe and known but maybe just maybe wanting to step out, maybe just maybe wanting to try something new, maybe just maybe thinking, dreaming or fantasizing about other possibilities. 

Sometimes, we are afraid to take steps forward. Sometimes, we are afraid to let go of the past reasons why taking steps forward may not work for us. Sometimes, we are not ready. The possibility of forward movement is simply, well just too much to process. 

So we stay where we are, thinking, dreaming and fantasizing. 

But sometimes we are not aware that by stepping out, we are essentially opening the door, clearing a path, for others. Maybe. Sometimes it's opening the door for us. Laying the path for us to go forward. Sometimes, it's freeing. And just like in the song I'm listening to it helps us to "stand a little taller"

In Love and Stepping,


Music: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Vibe: Low energy energized. Strong and confident.

Special: I spoke up yesterday. Shared my truth. That was cool.

Thanx: To AM for providing the forum to share. 

Musings: I used the word "sometimes," a lot. And "maybe." Hmm...

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More Musings: I don't fully get this tag cloud up there but we'll see. Studio of our mind? Art of the soul? I wonder where it gets its ideas

Love's Courage Takes Flight

Excitement. Anticipation. Feeling good and excited about the possibilities of this blog. This blog entry is entitled, Love's Courage Takes Flight because this is what came to me in meditation. Sometimes I meditate. It so so so quiets my very active mind. Today's imagery was especially lovely as it had hearts and rainbows and gardens and then this massive massive eagle that just took flight. That is when I knew I just needed to sit down and start. I was ready. 

But being ready doesn't always happen on schedule. It does not happen because I write it down on a piece of paper. Believe me, I tried. Oh did I try. It does not happen through sheer will or wishing. I tried those as well. Something just shifts and you're ready.

My story is that of courage. 

It's about taking chances and moving past my comfort zone, way way past my comfort zone. And then kinda sorta being okay with it. And then retreating and regrouping again until it's time to go forward. Usually, I just get the urge or the inkling or a burst of energy, not unlike today, and I just start. I just go for it. 

Not unlike the imagery in recent meditations, the path was open. It just came through as open; go through now. 

Over time I hope to share bits and pieces about courage, taking chances and moving beyond comfort levels, but gently so as not to rock the boat too much. You definitely want to make some ripples, though.

There are times when you start big, you just take a leap. And there are times when you start small. Just where you are at. You will know what's right for you. You will know when you are ready. You will know when it feels right. But always try to take that first step, even when your mind tries to override you. 

Love is expansive. If you can get into that expansive space first, you might find it to be just a little bit easier. 

In Love and Flight,


Song: This Shirt by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Vibe: Really really good.

Thanx: HD for checking on me. SS for her smiling disposition. 

Special: Just starting. The vibe. The ease.