But I Don't Want To

Or, oh crap this posted while I was just playing around with it. Oh well. Double crap...the other post I was working on disappeared. Oh well...chuckling. Back to this post. 

Okay, this is a favorite of mine. Nope...Nah...Don't feel like it...Don't make me. 

Sometimes, the courageous step is doing something we don't want to. But when is the best time to do that? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Probably, not ever. 

Sometimes pushing through challenge and discomfort frees us from entanglements

But, I don't wanna...

Don't make me...

Please no no no no...

Um...lemme try...

Wait, not now...

I'll just watch. You do it.

I'll watch.

Okay, I'm ready to try now.

No, not ready yet. 

Oh, I did it. 


Okay, what now?

What's next?

I did it. 

Oh crap. I did it.

Where are my excuses and fears and concerns and worries? Crap. Now, I can't find them. I know I set them somewhere. Did I pack them?

Oh, okay back to I did it. I didn't want to but I did. 


In Love and What the...oh well,



Music: The Power by SNAP!

Mood: Calm strong. Finally awake. And now even. 

Special: I feel like whatever it was...passed. Feel finally awake

Thanx: To SSM for that lovely surprise. So Starry. 

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Musing...The other I was working on, that was entitled Element of Choice, disappeared on me. I wonder what that was about. Wonder if I'll recreate it for next week. Hmmm. Love this image up there. Sorta like Escher.