Sunday Creative Expression 3


I wonder what it would be like to draw courage or to create a dance around it? Would you whirl around with scarves? Would you jump up and down? Is courage running up a lot of steps like in Rocky? 

Is it sitting there for a long long time, till your wrist hurts, writing and expressing pain and sorrow? Is it sitting there writing about great successes, about times when you stepped forward in courage?

Would you draw? Paint? Scribble? Stand on your head? 

Or, just whirl around with your "cape," from the first Expressive Exercise a few weeks ago, screaming "I am courage. I am courage. I have no fear. I have no fear."

Just play with it. See what comes out. See what comes to mind. 

In Love and Playing,


Song: Nocturne by Rolf Levland (Secret Garden)

Vibe: Kinda intense and wondering

Special: Learning to accept those who do not understand me. It's okay...I think. LOL!

Thanx: KT for her amazing week of videos. Makes so much sense. 

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Musing: These tags continue to amuse me. Day trip. Hunh???

And a littl oops....thought I posted a while back. Oops.